Along Viper’s tour, river tour is most popular among our guests for the relaxing views and refreshing breeze of the crystal clean Cetina river. For people of Sinj and the locals, Cetina represents some kind of magic heritage, especially in summer when the heat of field roads in the contrast with blue-green cold waters creates unforgettable sensations. A kind that keeps generations live here for centuries. Our tour will follow Cetina flow, upstream and downstream, and visiting Rumin, Kosinac and Malin springs, and in summertime even some swimming if you are into that. Depending on seasons, there are some water crossings, so it is wise to bring some spare sneakers and socks

Duration: ~ 3 – 3,5 hours

Trail length: 40 km

Difficulty: Easy (4×4 maybe needed in some muddy situations, low-gear ride in case of river crossing)

Price: 90 € for one person on the vehicle, 150 € for two persons on the vehicle (drivers switching included)

Lunch: +10 € / person (optional)

Transport to meeting point: +10 € / person (optional)