Like every other, this tour starts in town Sinj, then it is guided through the fields to the end of the Cetina river valley, where we start ascending Kamešnica mountain. After a while, we come to Korita village from where we continue to ascent further to Blace plateau, then to the picturesque Mala Korita village with all-season water spring and view of the highest peaks of Kamešnica. The journey is continued with not even one meter of road from where the view is not stunning! On the way, we will make a stop to climb the peak Glavaš (1308 m). Considering the fact that our starting point is at 300 meters above the sea level, that makes our tour one kilometer high! J. The end of descend is in village Gljev, then we continue riding to old village Han, crossing the bridge then going back to our base following the flow of Cetina river and many channels in fields of Sinj.

Duration: ~ 4 hours

Trail length: 50 km

Difficulty: Medium (4×4 and shifting to low-gear ride needed in some situations)

Price: 100 € for one person on the vehicle, 160 € for two persons on the vehicle (drivers switching included)

Lunch: +10 € / person (optional)

Transport to meeting point: +10 € / person (optional)