Let us introduce you to the very essence of Wolf &Viper’s history, a director’s cut. If you want to know what are these vehicles actually made for, then book this one. Let’s get one thing straight  – yes you will dwell in the nature, with birds singing and scent of pine trees arousing. Only the scapegoats will maybe thrash bEEEEing you for going some uphills even they cannot climb.

You will encouter challenging terrain, steep uphill ride, downhill technical descents and other interesting situations that will keep you stay in 4 wheel drive, low-gear most of the time.

Still, do not worry, it is not dangerous if you follow some simple rules and advices. Only danger here is possibility of your spouse leaving you for your decision to buy one of these ATV’s and making your backyard into offroad range – because it is severely contagious

Duration: ~ 2,5-3 hours

Trail length: ~30 km

Difficulty: Hard (4×4 needed, low-gear ride, technical ride)

Price: 160 € /one person, six persons max (only one person per vehicle due to difficulty)

Lunch: +10 € / person

Transport to meeting point: +10 € / person (optional)