Horse Riding

Horse breeding and training has always been a distinctive characteristic of Sinj and the Cetinska Krajina Region. For almost three centuries now Sinj has been the town of the Alka Tournament. Besides that, Sinj has traditionally hosted a number of local and international hurdle and gallop tournaments. The development of Sinj equestrian sport was encouraged by the holding of the 1979 Mediterranean Games in Split. On that occasion Sinj racecourse, Hipodrom, was completed and put into use. Equestrian sport contests were held there. Sinj Hipodrom is the second largest in Croatia, following the Zagreb one. The equestrian club Alkar has spawned a number of top horse riders and internationals since its foundation in 1968. Greater Sinj also comprises many smaller private-owned stud farms of high reputation and nowadays there are five equestrian clubs there. Besides the riding school for beginners and advanced learners, several clubs have on offer the therapy riding, which has produced exceptional results in the therapy of disabled persons. New tracks have been built which should attract a greater number of enthusiasts of nature, horses and adventure tourism.


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Cetina Adventure

Adventure sport enthusiasts are given an opportunity to discover the unique and hitherto insufficiently explored natural beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland. The Cetina Adventure Race is organised by Adventures sports club Cetina Adventure, Mountain Club Svilaja, Adventure Club Osmica, The Vlaji Sinj Cycling Association and Dalmatia Explorer . Their joint aim is to promote sports activities as well as beautiful scenic areas of the Cetinska Krajina Region. The route of the race goes down the Cetina River and through the wild scenery in the part of the Kamešnica and Dinara mountains, with the winning post in Sinj. Contestants are expected to take part in canoeing, swimming, MTB, climbing, abseiling, sports jumping from boulders into waters, rope crossing, with many other surprises waiting for them. Not only that the Cetina Adventure Race includes conquering natural obstacles and enforced challenges as well as facing unforeseeable weather conditions, but as a team contest it also fosters and reinforces team spirit, giving a boost to a healthy spirit in a healthy body.

The race serves as a test of the limits of human endurance and will power, proving that winning does not equal to reaching the winning post first.

Fly Fishing

Cold depths of the Cetina River, the pearl of Dalmatia whose cleanness and crystal clearness make a true thrill, have sheltered a wealth of fish species. In particular, the brown trout (Salmo trutta m. fario) and the grayling (Thymallus thymallus) are targets for popular fly fishing (mušičarenje).

The ″Cetina″ Sports Fishing Club, with over 450 members currently, has been responsible for fish stocking and preserving cleanness and beauty of the Cetina River.

Find your source of sheer peace and pleasure in the enchanting atmosphere of untouched nature, enjoying the sound of the soothing gurgle.

Information and licence available at:
+385 (0)98 162 0643 (Stanko Čikotić)
+385 (0)91 956 6079 (Mate Pavić)

Mountain Climbing


The mountain of Svilaja extends over the area of about 30 kilometres, from Sinjsko Polje Valley to Drniško Polje Valley near the town of Drniš. At an elevation of 1509 metres, the summit of Svilaja dominates this part of the Dalmatian hinterland. The mountain is mostly covered with woods, particularly on its northern side, as well as with grassy pastures and flowery meadows.

Zelovo (village)  ″Orlove stine″ Climbers’ Lodging  Svilaja summit

″Orlove stine″ climbers’ lodging is located at an elevation of 1065 metres. It can be approached by making a turn in the direction of the village of Zelovo (7 km) off the main road (D1) at Hrvace (8 km from Sinj). From Zelovo, one can carry on the journey driving on an asphalt road for 2 hours and 3 km further on a macadam road (following signposts to Svilaja), or walking on a trail, which will take 45 minutes off the hamlet of Domazeti. The climbers’ lodging is a new building which can accommodate about 50 people. At present it is open by appointment, but the plan has been to bring in weekend duty. On the ground floor there is a 24-hour open climbers’ refuge with 6 beds, a table and a wood-burning stove. Next to the climbers’ lodging there is a drinking water well.

From ″Orlove stine″, there is a trail leading through Badnji, a wooded part, and it takes an hour to pass it. The trail leads from Badnji to a rocky ground (1 h) and the slopes of Vršina, and then further on over the saddle to the very summit of Svilaja (1509 m). There are breathtaking views from the summit on the Peručko Lake reservoir and the mountains – from Sveto brdo, the Velebit summit, through Dinara and its summit of Troglav, Šator and Cincar mountains to Kamešnica in the north and mountains of Biokovo, Mosor, Kozjak and Central Dalmatia islands in the south.

The summit can also be approached by car or walking on the macadam road in the direction of the trail, at the distance of 3 km from the climbers’ lodging. It takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes from there to the very summit. The climb is steep for the first 20 minutes, passing through the beech wood to the saddle of Privija, connecting Crni umac and Vršina peaks. It takes 10 minutes from there to reach the trail leading from Badnji to the summit.

There are also shorter trails in the Svilaja Mountain leading to the craggy area of Orlove stine, Plišivica and Busovača hills.


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