Rain? Rain?! Well, in our case it is a bingo. Whatever you booked for that day, we cancel it, give you a rain suit and we go for a modified Wolf’s river tour. Modified with mud. A lot of mud. Bring some spare clothes, and yes you will love it. Although you ‘planned perfect sunny day’, and you are ‘not into that’ or ‘too old’. There is no thing such that. Everyone loves splashing mud .

Duration: ~ 3 – 3,5 hours

Trail length: 30-40 km

Difficulty: Medium (4×4 needed , low-gear ride maybe needed)

Price: 100 € for one person on the vehicle, 160 € for two persons on the vehicle (drivers switching included)

Lunch: +10 € / person (optional)

Transport to meeting point: +10 € / person (optional)