If someone close your eyes and brings you here, you will hardly believe that you are still in Dalmatia. Away from the sea, only some old abandoned shepherd’s houses gives you a hint of proximity of civilization – all else is untouched nature, hundreds of peaks and neverending landscapes. A great opponent to your tired and worried minds. No one ever came back the same from here, only more worryless and fresh… maybe some mountain fairies have something to do with it?

It is a place of a great history and fallen warriors. Endless stories about battles from the end of a previous century keeps this mountain in the veil of misteries, and you will be guided through nature and history using old carriage roads and roads made specially for panzer battalions in recent homeland war. It is something to see, and there is no short journey that can make you satisfied as the long one, so this area is covered in few longer tours, even a two day expedition.

Duration: ~ 8-12 hours (one day ride), up to 40 hours (two days)

Trail length: 80-140 km

Difficulty: Medium – hard (4×4 needed, low-gear ride, technical ride)

Price: From 300 € for one day, from 700 € for two days (only one person per vehicle)

Lunch: Included

Transport to meeting point: +10 € / person (optional)