About Sinj

General Information

You are situated in the Croatian south, near Split, in the paradise of water, fields and stone.
Welcome to the Town of Sinj and the Cetinska Krajina Region and experience the seduction of its rich culture and age-old tradition.
In administrative sense, Sinj forms part of the Split-Dalmatia County.
The area of the Town is 194.27 km2. According to the latest census taken in 2011, the population size of the Town of Sinj and its immediate surrounding area is 24 832, while the Town itself has the population of 11 448 inhabitants.


Two vegetational belts are characteristic of the Sinj surrounding area: sub-Mediterranean vegetation of the hardwood deciduous trees and the mountain belt, the area of beech. The mountain belt includes the highest parts of Svilaja and Dinara mountains whereas the rest is covered in sub-Mediterranean vegetation of the hardwood deciduous trees.



The archaeological finds are evidence of the fact that the Cetina area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. A number of finds from the end of the Copper Age to the Middle Bronze Age are attributed to the so-called Cetina culture. Suitable geographic position, caves, hills and fertile valleys have preconditioned the development of agriculture as well as the development of cattle breeding on the mountain slopes.


Sport & Activities

In Sinj you can find many sport activities such as: Horse riding, aero sports, bike sports, mountain trips….